Player Spotlight: Marcus Rashford

Today I’d like to focus on Manchester United’s player of the month. I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of Marcus Rashford as he’s exploded onto the scene. It is no surprise to me that he was voted the player of the month for February. He has been absolutely sensational and scored goals in huge games against Arsenal and Manchester City.


The 18 year old has not just been winning awards, he’s been praised by his peers as well. Morgan Schneiderlin, the Manchester United midfielder, has been quoted as saying that Rashford is “a great talent”. He goes on to say that it’s not just his goal scoring (which is an incredible record of five goals in eight games) but his all round team play that makes him a quality player. Many of his fellow teammates have come out and said how much they rate him and how he’s going to be one for the future.

Rashford has even managed to have ex-reds come out and talk about him. David Beckham posted on Instgram saying how much he loved the passion shown by Rashford when he scored against City. I agree with Beckham and think that it was incredible to see what it meant to him. Playing for United is clearly a dream for him and I hope that it continues for many years.



Report: Manchester City 0 – 1 Manchester United

Manchester United bounced back from being knocked out of the Europa League by Liverpool, to beat Manchester City at their home ground. Marcus Rashford, the 18 year old from Manchester, became the youngest player to score in a Manchester derby.


Rashford scored the only goal of the game, one that showed his sheer class. The ball was slipped behind the last defender, Martín Demichelis and Rashford used his skill and pace to go past him like he wasn’t even there. Demichelis, aged 35, showed how slow he has become and had a terrible game against United. It’s no surprise when you realize Rashford is young enough to be his son!

When I saw the team sheet and that City were without their captain and star centerback Vincent Kompany, I had a feeling United might be able to win. I was amazed at the way United played, mimicking what Liverpool did to them in the Europa League. They pressed high up the pitch and played with speed at a very high tempo.

If United can do this for the remainder of their games and Rashford keeps his place in the team then there is no reason why they can’t win the FA Cup and finish fourth in the league.

And finally one United fan celebrated so hard when Rashford scored against City that he lost a tooth. Now that must have been one crazy celebration!



Report: Liverpool 2 – 0 Manchester United

What a disappointing night in the Europa League. United played some really bad football and could have lost by a lot bigger margin than what they did. Liverpool put United under pressure from the first whistle until the last. Now it is almost impossible for United to reach the next round of the Europa League, needing to beat Liverpool by a three goal margin.


There was one positive to take away from the night and that was the performance of David De Gea. He has been fantastic this season and helped saved some embarrassment as well as a few points on occasion. It is looking more and more unlikely we’ll be able to keep him from leaving to Spain in the summer, but if by some miracle we do keep him, it could be the positive we need to come back fighting next season.

The pundits are having a field day criticizing United this season and constantly reporting that Louis Van Gaal is going to be fired. My opinion is that he should stay next season, he should be given time. A lot of fans have been changing their mind after every bad result or good result as to whether he should stay or go. We’ve become a society obsessed with firing managers and short term fixes rather than long term strategies. Van Gaal has had United playing better football than David Moyes ever did even though there have been some bad games like tonight, there have definitely been improvements too.

I know that United will give it a good shot at Old Trafford when Liverpool come for the return leg next week, but I think it’s time to focus on securing the FA Cup and fourth place in the league. If United do both of these things I don’t think it will have been a bad season at all.






Report: Manchester United 3 – 2 Arsenal

Before this week most people hadn’t heard of Marcus Rashford. The 18 year old from Manchester has made a name for himself by helping United through to the next round of the Europa League with a great performance. But now Rashford scored two goals in an incredible performance against Arsenal, catapulting himself into the limelight quicker than he could have ever imagined.


Before the game I was convinced we were going to get absolutely destroyed by Arsenal, but the youth and speed created a fast tempo that their defenders couldn’t deal with. This win has given Louis Van Gaal some breathing space in the quest to keep his job till the end of the season.

Before the game Van Gaal’s passion had been questioned, as he rarely leaves his seat during a game and has a very passive attitude. Today however he came out of his shell, with a ridiculous display whilst complaining to the fourth official. Van Gaal claimed that one of the Arsenal players dived, but instead of just verbalizing it, threw himself to the floor in a dramatic demonstration.

The internet responded by creating a lot of different, hilarious memes, some of which I’ve included below for your viewing pleasure.

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Player Spotlight: Ander Herrera

Ander Herrera is my favourite Manchester United player, not just because he can take a great shot or make a precise pass, but because he has an incredible amount of passion for the club.

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When he joined the club in 2014 Herrera was quoted as saying the move was “a dream come true“, and ever since that day he has shown how much he loves Manchester United. In an age where Social Media is becoming more and more popular, athletes and celebrities are finding it easier to open dialogues with their fans, something Herrera does regularly.

As seen above in his Twitter post from January 20, Herrera even takes time out of his day to reply to fan mail that he has been sent. Actions like this show why he is such a fan favourite with nearly all the Old Trafford faithful.

And now his passionate celebrations are earning him a cult YouTube following. Check out the video below and see if you can spot him celebrating in the back of the video.

I really hope we don’t lose a player who loves playing for Manchester United as much as Herrera does. It would be a real shame to see him leave when the next manager comes in, whoever that may be.


United to Sign Schweinsteiger!

Louis Van Gaal has finally managed to nab one of his summer transfer targets. The news coming out of Manchester today is that they have agreed to sign Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Schweinstieger won the World Cup with Germany.

Adding a World Cup winner to a squad is never a bad signing and I personally think this could unlock the door to a few other players who are maybe still wondering whether United is the club for them. With Robin Van Persie almost out of the picture and Hernandez injured after coming back from Madrid, it seems we’re left with only two strikers; Wayne Rooney and James Wilson.

I had a feeling LVG wanted to sell Hernandez, but now he’s broken his collarbone it might be easier said than done. Rumours have been circling that Depay is going to play up front rather than on the wing, with the dutch manager reminding us that he’s played up front for the Netherlands. If he can start scoring early on I believe Depay could be a revelation up front and a lot of pundits have claimed he has the potential to be the next Ronaldo. Let’s just hope he isn’t the next Ballotelli as it has been claimed he has a bit of an eccentric side too.

United have been pretty busy this week signing a defender as well. Torino defeneder Matteo Darmian has become United’s second summer signing. The 25 year old played for Italy in the World Cup so he has a little bit of experience behind him. I think if Jones and Smalling can stay fit then we’ll have a pretty solid defense now. Tyler Blackett still isn’t quite ready for the first team in my opinion so it’ll be good to bed him in slowly.

It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks if we can land a couple more of our summer transfer targets. Feel free to comment below who you think we should sign.

De Gea on the way out, Ramos on the way in? Other transfer speculation…

We’ve been promised a busy summer from Manchester United, we know that there is a lot of money in the kitty for Louis Van Gaal to spend. But with only one signing under his belt so far are we going to be disappointed with the quality of players that are brought in?

David De Gea has been outstanding for Manchester United this season and much like what happened to Ronaldo, has been persuaded by one of the giants of Spain. I’ve got no ill feeling towards David wanting to move back to Spain and play for one of the other biggest clubs in the world and he’s acted incredibly professionally around the situation. What with the news hitting today that United want to get Ramos from Madrid in exchange for De Gea, it looks like they’re ready to give him up, but hopefully securing us a much needed defender in the process.

If the deal goes through and we get Ramos, our back four will be looking a lot better already but it leaves another new problem. Who will replace Spanish Dave in net? Valdes is a world-class keeper, but having not played regularly in a first team for quite a while I do worry if he’ll be up to speed for the premier league.

Cech was touted as one of our targets but it seems Arsenal managed to swoop in there before us although many news reports suggest it was Cech that wanted to move to the other London club. For me this is something that will really help Arsenal have a title challenge next season as a veteran goalkeeper like Cech gives them a solid foundation to build on.

Which leaves one Mr Hugo Lloris, heavily rumoured to be David De Gea’s replacement and it’s a well-known fact United love buying players from Spurs. Although it seems the deal isn’t quite done according to Lloris’s supposed replacements agent. He says no bid has been made for Lloris’s replacement and that he considers Hugo to be Spurs number one and doesn’t feel he’ll be going anywhere if they want to challenge for the Champions League. Although the fact this isn’t Lloris’s agent, I would take what he says with a pinch of salt.

I personally would like to see LLoris and Harry Kane leave Spurs for Untied as I believe they both would slot straight into the team and it would add some exceptional talent to an already pretty decent squad. I just hope we don’t end up paying over the odds for them if we get pretty desperate.

If we don’t sign Lloris I’m not sure who I would like to fill the number one shirt. Who do you think would be a good fit and more importantly, willing to come to United? Feel free to leave some comments below.

And one last little rumour to comment on about a certain Bayern Munich player. If this actually happens I think he could be a great signing for United and help lead the midfield next season, especially if Carrick can’t get over his injury problems. I’m eagerly awaiting the first drops of ink on the contracts we’ve got ready to see who we’ve managed to snag! I do think we’ll sign some quality now we have champions league football and next season should be a great season!

RVP To Turkey?

So it emerged today that RVP could well be off to Galatasaray, although I wouldn’t be getting too excited yet as they want to sign him on the cheap.

When United first signed the Dutchman I for one was pretty excited. I bought into the hype, ignored all the taunts from Arsenal fans and I got his name on the back of my shirt. He helped us win the league in 2013 with a great total of 26 goals in 38 games. Things were looking good and it seemed he’d put his injury worries behind him, but it was not to last.

If we look at his past two seasons combined he’s only managed 22 goals in 48 games. What with his constant lack of fitness, his loss of agility and speed it seems to me like a move away from the premier league would be for the best. I can’t deny he can still strike a ball with superb technique but his lack of pace has cost us this season. If we want to be challenging for the title we need someone at the top of their game and unfortunately RVP is on a harsh downward slope.

If you look at Chelsea and City they have Costa and Aguero, RVP isn’t up to their standard any more. Rooney is at the same level, but when he drops into midfield it costs the team. For next season I would love to see Rooney up front partnered with a younger striker. But who would that younger striker be? Harry Kane would be a fantastic signing in my opinion and I really think the combination with him and Rooney could be electric.

And let’s not forgot the signing of Memphis Depay, he’ll definitely add some pace and goals to the team but will he flop in the same way Balotelli did? There are heavy rumours circulating that his attitude isn’t in the right place and fame and fortune has gone to his head. Hopefully he’ll prove the doubters wrong and live up to the hype that surrounds him.

With the money ready to spend one thing can be certain, it’s going to be an interesting summer!